Professional Church Secretaries' Association

The Church Secretary

Our logo defines the church secretary as "the hub of the wheel which has spokes radiating to all of the church"


The role of the church secretary is more than that of a volunteer "called" to service.

Church secretaries are responsible professionals. The job they perform is the same as any secretary in the business world, with the added responsibilities of maintaining the utmost confidentiality of all of the members of the congregation in which they work, and the Minister(s) and other church staff they work with.

They must enjoy people of all ages, and be willing to listen attentively to all manner of concerns, from the leaking faucet in the washroom to the social issues plaguing the church.

They have not one work relationship, but possibly several hundred, depending on the size of the congregation for whom they work, and the goal is to make those work relationships as mutual and supportive as possible.

The Professional Church Secretaries' Association was formed in 1993 with the support of secretaries from several denominations who felt they needed support and recognition at all levels of the church structure as a unified body of professional business people. The Association is supported solely by membership and workshop fees.